Halloween Fright Night

Halloween Fright Night

Halloween Fright Night
30 October 2019

A re-mix of horror and fright episodes from Lights Out, Quiet, Please!, and Suspense. The result? A delightful shiver of fear up your spine.

The Locked Room Mystery

Lights Out, episode #90, 21 October 1925, by Willis Cooper
A novelist, struggling to write a murder mystery, locks himself in his office only to be interrupted by a stranger who resembles the story's murderer.

Murder Castle

Lights Out, 16 February 1938, by Arch Obler
Young women applying for jobs in a private home disappear. One day the sister of one of these missing women knocks on the door and brings a reckoning.

Knock at the Door

Lights Out, 2 March 1938, AKA "Mother in Law," by Arch Obler
A woman and her mother-in-law have a difficult relationship. The woman has a plan. The mother-in-law has revenge.

Thing on the Fourble Board

Quiet Please!, episode #60, 8 September 1948, by Willis Cooper
A mysterious, and dangerous, creature is brought up from miles underground by a drilling crew in Texas. A crew member tells the story to a listener who does not realize his part in the story.

Chicken Heart

Suspense, by Arch Obler
A chicken heart is kept alive outside its original body by a scientist. When a lab accident causes the chicken heart to grow to enormous size and threaten to consume the world, the scientist tries frantically to find a solution. Will he be successful?

Live performance by Metropolitan Performing Arts actors and other community volunteers at Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Washington. Streamed live on KXRW-FM, Vancouver's community radio.


This performance was recorded live.


"The Locked Room Mystery"
CHASE, a mystery writer = Derek Nolan
KERRIGAN, a character in Chase's murder mystery novel = Derek Nolan
TAYLOR, a police detective = Audrey Bacon
STEWART, a police detective = Ian Hanley

"Murder Castle"
STEWART, a man in the business of murder for profit = Derek Nolan
ELLA, a young woman applying for a job with STEWART = Audrey Bacon
BETTY, Ella's sister = Arianna Dorenbosch
POLICEMAN = Ian Hanley

"Knock at the Door"
LORETTA, a wife who hates her mother-in-law = Barbara Richardson
Mrs. Kruger, the mother-in-law = Audrey Bacon
FREDDIE, son of Mrs. Kruger = Larry Taylor

"Thing on the Fourble Board"
PORKY, an oilfield roughneck = Larry Taylor
BILLY, a geologist = Ian Hanley

"Chicken Heart"
Dr. ALBERTS, a research scientist = Derek Nolan
INTERN = Arianna Dorenbosch
Mrs. John C. HALOP, a society woman = Audrey Bacon
Fire Department CAPTAIN = Ian Hanley
MAYOR, who wants to shoot first, and ask questions later = Barbara Richardson

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Laura Evancich

Live audience: 100

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